Wednesday, November 04, 2009

An Undecided Voter

I really dont get it that the Financial Hole is Labours doing Admittedly they were on watch when it all came tumbling down - But its a global problem caused by the banking investment sectors - Gambling effectively Gordon Brown came up with a solution that could - If implemented worldwide Might just stop a banking collapse and a full on depression we have not seen in living memory - If he could bring on board all the leading economy's and bail out (nationalise) the banks - Then a very different outcome was possible. Thankfully a new president was in the oval office and while the world changed before our eyes Gordon Browns plan was put in place. The opposition crowed about blame but failed completely to offer an alternate solution. Today while unemployment is rising and few country's expecting much in the way of growth this year - the catastrophe that could have befallen us has not materialised. Sure after the next election whoever is in power has to grapple with how we deal with a new national debt but lets remember the UK only recently paid off the debt of World War ll - we are kind of used to dealing with debt and there is little public or political desire for doing it too quickly with all the pain that would bring. The traditional monitrist (read Thatcherist) response typically would have let the banks like RBS to bust while they fluffed around listening to advisor's (Bankers). By now there might have been mass unemployment and cunts in government spending beyond our worse nightmares. We have Gordon Brown to thank for that and in some senses when history rembers him he may be listed as one of the most important prime ministers since Churchill. The only thing that should concern us now as voters is who has the best plan to build us out of this hole - My personal view is that Labour should be allowed to try - they have shown superb stewardship during the biggest meltdown in history Last time we had a major downturn (winter of discontent) On Callahans Labour watch - it paved the way for Thatcher to dominate for 18 years. Mor a vast number of people it brought pain closed entirely mining - unions - a massive sell of of our crown jewels and created hundreds of private companies that act as virtual monopoly's. Tried getting Water Gas Electricity Telephone calls cheaper over the years? Yet the poor are still struggling on minimum wage (torys would abolish it) the cuts in public services will hit them harder - and guess who will bear the brunt of most of the job cuts will come from? I really don't want to live through firemen nurses strikes - civil unrest and police firing tear gas on the British streets again. When the Election is called the whole debate MUST rise above the the current level of thinking or we are fucked. An Undecided Voter

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