Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Much! ?

Friendly pops to talk to customer services on a company website can be a real boon, and if done properly can turn a browser into a customer with just a timely encouragement and further product options to tailor the customer needs to your product range. More importantly it personalises what can be a very antiseptic interaction.

Vodafone today -  

Chat InformationYou are about to be connected to a new connection sales adviser for Vodafone UK. Please note they do not have access to existing customer details and cannot process orders or upgrades. If you have a query of this nature please contact customer services.
Chat InformationYou are now connected with Swarup.
Swarup: Hello, you're chatting with Swarup, one of Vodafone's online sales specialists.  May I take your name please?
You: I got a XPERIA Mini Pro - while I love Android and Voda was looking at HTC Wildfire S because I really dont like the Sony
You: David ...
You: PAYGO naturally
Swarup: Hello David! Thank you for contacting us.
Swarup: HTC Wildfire S is a great phone to own.
Swarup: With the Wildfire S, you're just as connected when you're on the move as you are at home. As on the HTC Desire S, it has the latest version of HTC Sense. This includes Friend Stream, which groups all your mates' social network updates together. So whether they're on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, you can see all their updates, tweets and photos on the same screen at the same time.  
Swarup: It has the Android™ smartphone.
Swarup: It is*
You: I have seen the HTC Wildfire S Much cheaper sadly - So I may go buy one outright then find the network after
Swarup: We can offer you the pay as you go Wildfire just for £180 a month.
Swarup: How does that sound to you?
You: Probably the worse deal in Mobile history
Swarup: Okay.
Swarup: May I ask what's the deal you are looking for?
You: I could get the HTC Sensation - 4 Of them for £180 a month
Swarup: If I understand you correctly, you are getting the 4 HTC handsets just for £180.
Swarup: Is that correct?
You: Well No - Not Exactly BUT You Quoted me £180 a MONTH for the HTC Wildfire S which is clearly a Massive mistake - My Point was that if I can get a HTC Sensation for around £30 a month I could go for 4 of them!
Swarup: I am really sorry for the miscommunication. It's the £180 one off fee for pay as you go.
Swarup: It just added the month wrongly after the price in my previous response.
Swarup: I*
Swarup: So, you are looking to go ahead with the HTC pay as you go handset?
You: Ok well I will shop around then because there are better deals online - Thanks
Swarup: You're welcome.  So, you are looking to go ahead with the HTC pay as you go handset?
You: not yet
Swarup: What other questions do you have for me before getting started with your order?
You: none thanks
Swarup: You're welcome.
Swarup: Is there anything else I can do for you today?
You: no googbyee
Swarup: Thank you for chatting with Vodafone Online Sales Team. It was a pleasure assisting you. Have a nice time ahead.
Swarup: You have a great time ahead.


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