Monday, June 28, 2010

Are Google out to Kill Facebook?

Social networking has always been a fad, from the early Compu$erve chat rooms through iRC Chat to todays massive explosion of Facebook and Twitter, without exception all of these models have been fashion lead and been free.   But herein lies the seeds of many a start-ups demise,  If you don't subscribe its just too easy to turn your back and walk the other way, look at ICQ, Bebo, Geocities and many others.  Every one had legions of users with evangelical zeal that would tell you this is the ultimate destination. 

Can Google do it better?  

At first glance it would seem not, Google is a search engine and for many an anonymous corporate giant that has some handy Street Maps and an E-mail service that's getting some bad press over its snooper cars.  Its Android geek phone seems to be doing well, but the average consumer has not joined the dots to see how revolutionary the Android OS really is, not helped by phone manufacturers failing to even mention the Android glue that ties it all together in its adverts. ... Powered by an Android Skinned by ... HTC ... Sony how hard is that? 

The Android problem  ..... 


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