Sunday, October 28, 2007

George Daniel Long - What Makes A Man A Man

I was delighted to bump into producer Ian Levine after not seeing him for way too long - Exciting News This track is included in DISCO 2008 due in December


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big Bang Theory - is wrong

Im pretty sure there's actually several other Big Bangs out there and their universes are rushing this way - I never quite understood why there could only ever be the one unique event - if ANYTHING can happen once - why not twice or many times?. .....

And since we cant quite see the so called end of our universe its unlikely we will be able to send observers to take a look.

Wonder how we would feel if we finally saw another one rushing this way ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I dont Like AIDS Jokes much

Seen in Forun on Thread: General :thread:570376

A joke posted as : Is HIV a really terrible thing or a very good diet?

Im sick of the Atkins.

The comment was later attached as a reference to this VIDEO

Lisa Lampanelli is fuckin Funny
- and if you haven't seen it you really should - I would certainly go see her when she appears in UK

I want to say also that I have huge respect for iconical indeed since I have been on Fitlads I look "out for "Karens" posts and I really do laugh out loud.

Im sorry many of the posts here have been so personal as I don't believe iconical makes light of AIDS or HIV for a second.

I don't believe Fitlads is populated by all cunty folks - and I would happily put many of the regulars on my guest list and buy them a Coke or a nice cup of tea at HEAVEN.

One thing we all learned tonight that feeling run high - My Own included - and I do regret being so harsh .
However I was astonished too by some of the more extreme things that have been said - being accused of lieing about having lost 50 friends. Dear god I wish that had been a lie, in fact its a throw away line the real number was way higher.
I used to keep the names of friends and family in their front of my bible and at one particular funeral of Chris "Boatwoman" from Islington - yep! he lived on a houseboat in central London - An oasis - Kris was an Angel of Islington. He was the 50th name and I swore then I had to stop counting indeed I had to stop living in London for a while and retreat to some solitude in Wales - for a rest.

When I ran away to London at 16 it was a London few if any of the people on this site would recognise - I left school with 1 O level - But in the following 30 years I rose to the top of several industrys in areas that interested me - Cinemas Rising to be Youngest ever Theatre Manager and was involved at New Victoria Theatre Live Venue - Odeom Marble Arch Odeon Leicester Sq Premmiers - On nightrs off I would be at The London Palladium and after drink woth so many of the starts of their day it reads like Whos Who - Many household names look upon me as a good trusted mate.
I created Laser Display systems for Blackpool - Heaven - Saturday Night Live - Canary Wharf Tower - Oxfords St - The Empire Leicester Sq and I even has a note from Steven Speilberg saying Great Show - for a few of his premiers - The First ever AIDS Benifit featuring George Michael's first solo at Wembly some of you might still have the DVD will see all the backdrops using 3D Laser Graphics -
When Terry Higgins died I sat with Rupert Whittaker his boyfriend and promised myself I would move Heaven and Earth to do everything in my power to stop people getting AIDS.
I worked Day and Night running from meeting to meeting - TV interview to press briefing and at night answering telephone calls from worried guys that thought in those days that you could be dead within months - some were.
It took a while to Set The Terrence Higgins Trust in motion - with it to be able to afford to pay any staff - for all my time I even paid all my own expenses - it was not how things are today. Remember also in those days there was so much hostility - as crazy as it may seem today - we were told by almost everyone we would never get the THT through the Charity commissioners and we were also getting a lot of hostility from the gay community, businesses and some of its its press. Largely I think they just wanted the threat of AIDS would not roll back the tide of progress we were making in so many areas.
HEAVEN had just opened at this time and love it or hate it - it created what we all know of as a Nightclub experience. Ian Levine was the first and arguably one of the best DJs that during his 15 year tenure set the standard by which everyone else will be judged.

My point for raising all this background was just to illustrate the extent of my social circle only to tell you if you count casual acquaintances the real number of people that have been taken by AIDS that were close friends or Lovers probably runs into the hundreds - as I have said I refuse to count - but as long as I live I will never forget one of them.

So as you can see - All this might be a FAKE - Thats the way things are on the Internet .

Oh yer I am a fake in one sense - David Is not my real Name - but my real friends know who I am -
~~~ Waves ~~~

Anyone that thinks this is " Just the Internet" Your Absolutely Right! - But all that really means its a network of PEOPLE - every single one of them have feelings - and can be hurt.

Well fuck me - I have had enough fucking hurt already - You Can Stop NOW!!!!



Friday, October 19, 2007

My Brother is Straight!

My BROTHER has just gathered the family together and announced that he is "Straight"
My mom cried she said it must of taken so much dad looked a bit dissapointed but said he didnt mind at the end of the day he is his son and he loves him.
My sister was in bits she feels decieved especially after all the fashion advice and makeup tips he has given.
My Gran told him to be careful and not go getting AIDS.
I knew he was straight even when he was younger he liked football and used to play with lego.
we just want him to be happy and will try and learn to live with the way he is - we all decided to stand by him and help him to be himself.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Do we take Gay Rights for granted?

Its perfectly ok to take them for granted -=- but we should never forget they came at a price

Ageism is a classic example of what happens when wee do

The older guys that get so much stick on sites like Fitlads Gaydar were the guys that lead the way - made it passable to be out - they largely helped shape the commercial gay scene that simply did not exist 30 years ago

You no longer get arrested for sleeping with guys - all these rights came at terrific cost -

25 years ago when hiv-aids came along - The gay community - or some anyway were first there setting up help lines support and education. And are still operating today and highly respected organisations.
Surely all these things are the reason we can attend PRIDE and have something to be proud about.

The next big challenge will be what the older gay guys do in old age - largely its uncharted territory but I for one don't want to be shunted into some nasty care home
The Gay community should be thinking how we want to be housed - looked after if we become frail

How would you like to be cared for - Surely an alternative old age will be possible - in major centres of London Brighton Manchester etc

Or we can simply say fuck the old codgers - im O.K. - im not going to get old -


Friday, October 12, 2007


Petitions the British Film Censor to OUTLAW Unsafe sex (BAREBACKING) being sold in our shops and online

It would save thousands of lives - and stop people lusting after it -

If people grow up and Only being exposed to Safer Sex Porn - it just MIGHT reinforce the idea that the only casual sex out there is safer sex.

Snuff Movie's are outlawed - Why Not Suicide Movie's Too ?

Friday, October 05, 2007

When Noah sobered up

When Noah sobered up. he twatted the first guy that ridiculed his faith and that of others -

Why do people get so worked up about people of faith?
For those that dont have any faith its a bit silly questioning anyone that does - your living on an entirely different plain - and by your own admission does not have something that the man of faith does - and since you cannot or will not experience that thing called faith - to question its validity or worth, is a bit like screaming flat earth to someone that intuitively knows you cannot fall off the horizon.

You are never going to agree - but to attack someone for their faith is just a plain cunty thing to do.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Anusha -Are you ready

Anusha -Are you ready

Many of you know I love my computer graphics - This New Artist ANUSHA is one of my clients -

Although its not exactly my thing - Just thought you might like to see some of my stuff anyway LOL

Don't be too harsh - I was working with a committee lol - Its how record companies work lol -





Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Labourt or Conservative

I find it VERY VERY Frightening that guys here - whom I thought had some level of political intelligence - and sense of world history could be so right wing,
To utter that you could even consider putting the conservatives into power again so soon after the disaster that was the Thacher/Major governments are so fresh in our collective memory sounds like an appeasement not seen since the German people rolled over and said fuck me to Hitler.

Of course the Tory fucker appeal to self interest - all you carbon suckin over stretched credit card junkies would rather see crumbling schools and hospitals if it means you got an extra £5 for your drug habit.

So If you want to undo all the good that Labour had worked for and don't forget it was .people like is that demanded equal rights, devolution better health care better schools equality and a world without strikes riots and bigots go ahead lets tear apart all we have achieved.

But don't insult my intelligences for one moment by saying Labour has done a BAD job - or that the Conservatives can do a better job because your living in cloud cookoo land.

I think LABOUR will win if an election is called now or later the people know which side their bread is butted, so you really should start to support the party of real social democracy and If you don't like them - then seek to change them - but please I beg you lets not make a terrible mistake here and let those fucking tory cunts back in.


Tribute to Sylvester - By the time Sylvester died on December 16, 1988 of AIDS-related complications, he had firmly cemented his reputation as one of the most original and talented musicians to come out of the disco arena. While Sylvester represented to mainstream America the Black and gay cultural origins of disco music, his body of work included not only crucial contributions to the disco songbook, but also ballads that proved he was a versatile stylist who brought a realness and depth to all his material.