Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heathrow Runway Three

Lets face it its no place to bring up kids - this runway is already 20 tears overdue - with prommised fast rail links to the Midlands - Wales and beyond - it cant come quick enough - the villagers - while shedding tears - remember they are the tears of people that will be able to afford very lovely luxury homes anywhere in the country they like - with a few bob over for the inconvenience.  

Plus lets not forget that ANYONE that's moved into the area in the past 30 years have been aware that a 3rd Runway was in the planning - They only bought there knowing one day their houses would have to be purchased by the Airport - £££  

Look at the Map - These people are alreadt living on a runway sandwiched between perimeter roads, M4 and Airport buildings. now - this way they we ALL gain - Win Win -  

We now return you to news reports of the sobbing villagers ...............


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