Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hearing Impaired

don't ya hate terms like "hearing impaired unit" it congers up visions of CP30 screaming at R2D2 saying "Speak Up Dear!"

if Deaf - not fucking impaired in any way

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake Cyclone Tsunami - Where the hell were International Rescue ?

I am 54 this year and I'm living in my own future, the brave new world, populated by real life Dan Dares, Space travel, the Atom, satellites, LASER beams, and wall sized televisions, To me the future represented by shows such as International Rescue offered me an optimistic view of a future society where intercommunication cooperation and a world view solved all our problems.
As a young child I was told by the generation that survived German bombs that things like the United Nations and the EU have come about by the desire of some men to put away their need for wars, to cooperate and democracy would prevent tyrants.
As you get older you soon realise politics money and power shape our world.
We are indeed living in amazing times, Video phones can shows us live events happening in the remotest parts of the world and see them flashed up on our wall sized TVs.
We have seen within living memory dreadful human tragedy's - these are not unexpected, we know that every single year some people somewhere are in desperate need of highly specialised help delivered fast and a helping hand to recover surely the time has come for us to ask we still don't have a real International Rescue.
The internet , the UN should have vast resources stored around the world that SHOULD automatically swing into action at the first sign of a natural disaster.
Instead of these scenes of pathetic squabbling about VISAS at borders while people may be in urgent need of vast field hospitals International Rescue front-line first response teams should have full UN diplomatic status and pre agreed access in times of natural disasters.
Its going to cost, and often the poorest countries have the more devastating time after the natural disaster has struck simply because the local level of infrastructure may be very poor.
Natural disasters occur naturally - its part of life - they are generally hard to predict but that should not stop us preparing for them, its the most natural thing in the world outside your own home, you get in trouble and dial 999, heads would roll if the emergency service did not respond without question.
We should expect nothing less for any child any where any colour any religion any place.
Calling International Rescue ... International Rescue .... Come In Please !!! hello ..... is there anyone ...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Do Not Buy Rice! - Its not ours.

Viral Marketing - CYCLONE VALUE Nargis Myanmar Rice Tesco Boycot Appeal

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Tribute to Sylvester - By the time Sylvester died on December 16, 1988 of AIDS-related complications, he had firmly cemented his reputation as one of the most original and talented musicians to come out of the disco arena. While Sylvester represented to mainstream America the Black and gay cultural origins of disco music, his body of work included not only crucial contributions to the disco songbook, but also ballads that proved he was a versatile stylist who brought a realness and depth to all his material.