Friday, August 31, 2007

HIV Ignorance on a Dating site in one hour - A Debate on HIV

" i wudnt hav sex with him" ... << You Probably Already Have ! If You used condoms - then No sweat!

"personally i wouldnt, whether it was safe or not, too much risk" < Right so you only go with guys who are NEG - Dont know - or Lie !

" i value my life and the people close to me in it to run such risks" The Only truly SAFE SEX is Phone Sex - Unless your using a Nokia - then check the battery serial no for fire risks.

"remember that there are people who dont get tested because they dont want to know their status" - George Michael recently stated hes not been tested out of fear -
What your doing is ruining any chance of a long life if indeed you are HIV - Your immune system is being eroded - Many of the drug therapy's work best in the very early stages of infection.
Leave it until one of the opportunistic diseases show up? If you don't know your status - You cannot begin to help yourself!

"my ex so called boyfriend given it me knowingly" NOT TRUE - You put yourself at risk - You had unprotected sex with a guy - All Men Lie - All men sleep around - Most men dont know their status - - When you met and decided to go unprotected - BAREBACKING - Did you both get tested together - Probably NOT - Take responsibility for your own health - TRUST NO ONE

"some individuals might not want to take the risk of having sexual contact with them"
Who Might THEM Be - The guy you slept with Last Night - Tonight or Tomorrow" - Be sure to look for HIV tattooed on his forehead if I were you!

There ain't never been a proven case of getting HIV through oral to my understanding - The Theoretical risk is there - and as its impossible to prove any specific single case of transmission - Thre have been concerns of dentists passing hiv - we know for example medical sharps are a real danger - and dont forget many guys mouths bleed after brushing -
** if this has NEVER happened to you you may indeed not have to worry about this method of transmission -

We NEED a fuckin education programme cause this generation is simply not getting the message!

*•.¸*•.¸ .¸ ¸..¸ ¸.*•.¸ ¸.•*
*•.¸*•.¸ safe sex¸.•*¸.•*
«•.* * WRAP IT UP *.•»
¸.•*¸.•* safe sex *•.¸*•.¸
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Monday, August 27, 2007

George Michael

I saw his first ever Live solo performance at the first ever AIDS Benefit in the UK and his voice singing A cappella in the Wembly Arena was an amazing experience especially as he had kept his first ever solo performance for a cause that in those days needed every single second of airplay in the media. Seeing him at the NEC on his recent 25 tour was one of the hi-lights of my concert going life and I have seen the best of them. And Im often asked what's my favourite record and hell I have hundreds I think are my favourite records - but if I was stranded on a desert Island with MP3 Player - Ill be sure to have Listen Without Prejudice on it

*•.¸*•.¸ .¸ ¸..¸ ¸.*•.¸ ¸.•*.¸ ¸..¸ ¸.
¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•. Listen Without Prejudice ¸.•*¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•*
.¸ ¸..¸ ¸.*•.¸ ¸.•*.¸ ¸..¸ ¸.*•.¸*•.¸"

Save My Auntie Beeb

In the world of global media OUR good ole auntie beeb is up there excelling in public broadcasting in every single area of broadcasting.
It has the largest TV back catalogue in the world and reaches a global audience, It produces ground breaking programmes and employs talent that Hollywood can only dream about. If you think of the top 50 TV programmes of all time you can guarantee most of us would wind up with most being from the BBC. Radio - BBC have always understood radio - and they still produce the largest audiences across every age group and cultural division.



Consider how your 500 channels of commercial TV will look without AUNTIE serving up Dot and Pat - Your TV Licence Keeps AUNTIE alive - training the next generation - presenting amazing new talent - allowing our writers actors and the thousands of support workers it takes to bring it to our screens - ipods radios - computers and phones.

All that for just over a hundred quid a year - FUCKIN BARGAIN !!!!!!!

Big Brother 2007

I have watched every night - I have hardly understood a word the twins have said - I would be hard pressed to think of more than 2 mins of their BEST BITS and that's only thanks to the Megaphone I could understand anything she said. Barbie had more go in her than either of these two.

Brian (bless him) annoyed the hell out of me in the first few days - I thought he was so poorly educated I knew I would be pulling my hair out. But no - Brian is a gem - a treasure, hes genuine funny sharp street wise trusting and all found good guy. One I would be proud to be able to call a friend.

So after the dullest big brother we have ever had served up to us - endamol should be ashamed of themselves. Its no small wonder channel 4 have pulled celebrity big brother. I seriously have my doubt BigBrother can survive - its time to call in a brand new production company, new locations, Im sure VallyWood could build an amazing future BigBrother style reality set by next summer. It could be bigger, better, longer with more people more community like. And it could make riveting viewing again.

*•.¸*•. Big Brother 2007¸.•*¸.•*
«•.* ¸.*• ¸* BRIAN *¸.•* *.•»
¸.•*¸.•*¸.*TO WIN!*•.¸*•.¸

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gay marriage was never intended for everyone

Gay marriage was never intended for everyone - and certainly NOT the immature shagg and forget generation.

Even guys that form long term relationships (longer than a week to 5 years) should NOT marry, - Or we are going to see the splattering of sour bitches ripping each other apart in the tabloids in such a savage manner it will make a bad bitch fight in Dynasty seem like an episode of Happy Families.

I simply cant wait for one of the big "celebrity gay marriages" to fail and watch our tabloids swarm - The smell of flies will be all over it.

BUT I strongly support very long term devoted couples in exercising their new rights in the new (LABOUR) law that now grants equality with the heterosexual marriage rights.

In the last 25 years I have seen many cases where one man in a partnership has died and the guy that was his devoted partner has his rights pushed aside as the "legal next of kin" move in and take over.
From issues such as his funeral to the deeds of the house, the bank accounts, personal items that you may have bought together or each other - are all swept away - and there was nothing you could have done about it.

As a member of the gay community I applaud everyone that have proved the cynics wrong and do have a long stable, fruitful relationships into old age.
It is our generation that remember the days before we joined the Gay Liberation Front. - We supported every struggle even if we did not fully understand it - and we trusted our peers.
This trust in ourselves has generated a powerful pink pound., AIDS organisations that are the envy of the world, Our media, arts, films, television, fashion and probably the organisation you work in often has a powerful gay group within it.

GAY PRIDE has ceased being a protest march and these days it has become a celebration of that thing that is the Gay Community coming together. Who would have thought 25 years ago we would see OUT Gay Policemen marching in full uniform at Brighton Pride - MEGABrilliant!
Much has been achieved but we face huge challenges, the biggest threat is from the young guys who, having entered maturity and discover the gay scene think that all the battles are won that there are no dragons;
AIDS being taken care of,
Gay Rights - sorted - hell I can even marry that barman I fancy.
Money Sex Drugs Booze More Drugs Party Party Spend today's mantra
Racism - Yer lets go on the forums and wind up the old guys.
Ageism - That gay guys 50 he should not even be here. He needs to drop dead. (fitlads)
This is also a generation that's not seen the future. They have not see all their friends waste away to die in poverty of painful cancers or hear them drown in pneumonia and watch their mothers weeping at the graveside - time after time after time.
A quick scan of these forums you will see hourly guys wanting to bareback. WRAP IT UP!

Fuckin makes me mad.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aud�o – Your life, amplified.

Nothing is as ugly a colour as "Hearing Aid Pink" and for years stopped me wearing mine - even as people yelled Get Ur Aids on So Finally I get new Clear aids that make me look vaguely Borg Like - Here comes a site/ company thats got the message - Wildly expensive - but hopefully the NHS will follow along any decade soon - Aud�o – Your life, amplified.


Tribute to Sylvester - By the time Sylvester died on December 16, 1988 of AIDS-related complications, he had firmly cemented his reputation as one of the most original and talented musicians to come out of the disco arena. While Sylvester represented to mainstream America the Black and gay cultural origins of disco music, his body of work included not only crucial contributions to the disco songbook, but also ballads that proved he was a versatile stylist who brought a realness and depth to all his material.