Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Chrome OS

I think CHROME OS will be a run away success on net-books low end laptops and smart TV hybrid devices that need a little more grunt than an Android device.

Most of us that will read this site Need our Computers and Applications there is no doubt of that, BUT look around your own circle of friends and family..... how many of them are not connected, through technophobia, cost, age, unemployment - whatever the number its TOO MANY.

When I got my first IBM PC I knew computing was for geeks it was hard, Gem Windows in every iteration piled on the learning curve and hey presto - Windows 7 comes along and computing is still for geeks.

Where Google will win big time with CHROME OS is buying for this group will be a no brainer. The Devices will be Dirt Cheap - the OS free and there will be thousands of applications from the Android Store that will be surely available

My Mom wants to get online at 75 - perfect
The kids need a cheap safe way to surf - If they loose it - so what - Log on with a new device change your Google Password to be safe - and all your stuff is back with a few mouse clicks.
Try doing that with Windows 7
I have friends on disability benefits or unemployed that cant afford a new PC or have the skills to get "into computing" or see the need for online stuff. Its this group that could benifit the most getting advice support information and job searches. These are the NEW POOR!
Google Chrome OS could be the the very solution for Information Poverty - Lets wipe it out.

Microsoft & Intel have had things pretty much to themselves in the Education field but why do we still not have a computer on every school desk 30 years after we were introduced to the "Personal Computer" ?
Chrome OS could be the perfect solution - The "Thin Client" comes of age.

Go Google show us your best

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