Monday, March 29, 2010

I went Vedic for about three years when I turned 30 .... But then I lived through the sexual revoloution - I was probably knackered.

Mentally It coincided with
Terry Higgins being dead within days of being on Heavens dance-floor and our worse nightmares coming true as one after one of my friends went to St Thomas' Hospital or St Mary's in no time our next date was the funeral . lots of friends started to appear with Karposis Sarcoma skin cancers too as mentally we set our egg timers.

Totally rejecting sex of any kind was no burden - indeed it was a release from the endless chase. I really started enjoying that freedom, and its amazing how much more time and energy I had - and boy I was going to need it during the next few years

These days I Never look - sometimes it comes my way - and Ill love being Big spoon in cuddles but If I never had sex again - Cool - it only means I will be doing something interesting with my time.
(The above statement is tempered by a
cancer diagnosis - and ejaculation stings - ooch lol ).

So the greatest things i got from celibacy were
Freedom - to find myself -

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